Apollo Hegemony – brand for professionals!

Apollo Hegemony is pretty new brand, but despite that the range of their products are still raising. From typical vitamin preparations (like Vitamin D3) to extremally effective nootropic blends (like Brain Fuel) in just few years? You got me here surely! I would love to present you brand which is catching my eye with every of their new products… And by the way I have never seen better graphics on products, really!

Apollo Hegemony in nutshell

Apollo Hegemony as brand was created in 2015/2016 in America. In 3 years their range of operations grow that much, that currently it is brand counting in international dietary supplements market. And in those 3 years they get huge amount of products!

Their page (https://apollos-hegemony.com/products) mentions nearly 100 products! 100 unique dietary supplements in 3 years! Sick!

And to add even more, every of their product is unique. You dont find just 100 different bootles with different single vitamin. No, no! Apollo Hegemony offer range from typical vitamin-like substances (Vitamin D3, Vitamin K), to high-end preworkouts (like Blitzkrieg) or Nootropics (like Omni Stack!)

Offer of Apollo Hegemony Nootropics
Offer of Apollo Hegemony Nootropics

So, what can be found there?

Let’s stick with some more interesting supplements, to show what Apollo Hegemony can offer to us.


Apollo Hegemony Blitzkrieg

This product is high-end preworkout, filled with DMHA, Caffeine and Yohimbine as main ingredients. But there is many more!

Naringin will help if you are fan of mini-cuts, or just staying in shape during hard training. We have also endurance blend, consisting of citrulline, beta-alanine and betaine. We have also some nervous system support with addition of choline and ALCAR.

So if you are looking for high-octane workout support, Blitzkrieg from Apollo Hegemony is great choice for it!

Full product ingredients list
Full product ingredients list


Apollo Hegemony Mastermind

Here we have something different. Mastermind is blend prepared specially (as the name points) for people who want to improve the quality of nervous system, and cognitive functions.

The ingredients base on combination of adaptogens (Lion’s Mane, Bacopa Monnieri, Kanna) and delicate stimulants (Caffeine, L-Theanine). We have addition of some other substances like NALT or AstraGin.

But if you are working mentally, the Mastermind from Apollo Hegemony should be great choice for you!

Apollo Hegemony Mastermind full ingredients list
Apollo Hegemony Mastermind full ingredients list

TMG Powder

Apollo Hegemony TMG Powder
Apollo Hegemony TMG Powder

Here we have TMG Powder… which contains TMG Powder. Yeah… no fireworks, right? Right! Because not every product should crank up your mind!

Betaine is highly interesting product in terms of improving quality of your digestive system. Yet the high problem was the cost of it. Producers oftenly prepared betaine in capsules, which highly increased their cost.

Apollo Hegemony, to fill the gap prepared supplement containing pure TMG Powder, which decreases the cost of supplementation highly. Great choice!

So if your digestive tract needs some support… TMG Powder from Apollo Hegemony is waiting for you!


Yeah, maybe I am pretty overoptimistic at that brand, but how can I not be? Their products range is huge, product quality is just in point. They don’t want houndreds of buck for nothing effective in cans. How couldn’t I love Apollo Hegemony!

Just try it, and check for yourself. You will know why I have wrote those words… See you on the gym!