Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me more information on [any product]?  In general we do not have more information than what is on our web pages. We pride ourselves on keeping our website current and adding more information as it becomes available. Occassionally we receive product literature from the manufacturers to promote the products and will send those with orders if we think you may be interested in the product based on your past purchases.

 Is [any product] legal to import into my country?  We do not know. Check with your country's Customs office or other drug control agency.

 I have been diagnosed with [any medical condition] and I am taking [any prescription medication or nutritional supplement]. Can I use [any nutritional supplement]?

We cannot answer these questions. We do not have a medical doctor on staff, nor would one want to give medical advice through e-mail or over the phone. Please consult a physician. A medical doctor who is familiar with your current medical situation can meet with you in person to give advice about what interactions may exist between a combination of medical conditions, drugs and nutritional supplements and make recommendations for your specific situation.

 Will my credit card number be safe? Yes, using your credit card at Supplement Kingdom is safe because we have industry-standard secure-server technology to encrypt all information gathered from our customers at the time of provision and purchase. This means that the information is encoded and unreadable while it travels to our server. In fact, using your credit card at our online shopping site is considered far safer than using it at a restaurant or gas station.

My transaction was declined, now what? Your credit card transaction may have been declined for a number of reasons including: incorrectly entered information or insufficient funds. Please double check your information before submitting your order. Please note that we require the CVV code (the three digits from the back of your credit card) to process your transaction. We automatically decline all transactions for which the CVV code is invalid. If you enter all other information correctly, but incorrectly enter the CVV code, a temporary authorization may occur on the declined transaction, holding your funds for 1-5 business days depending on your bank. You may contact our support department if you wish further clarification.

Do you sell your customer data base to other companies? We care about our customers! That is why we NEVER sell any information to anybody... ever. Unlike most companies online, we will not give your personal information to other companies so they can call you or send bulk mail and e-mail to you. You can feel safe giving us your information.

 How long will my shipment take?  99% of the orders will be shipped the same day if received before 12 pm CST. Transit times vary between 1-5 days in the US.