Soncone – a novelty in functional nutritrion

We all know that nutrition is the base of a healthy lifestyle. And just as in carving support in training, we are looking for supplements to help us in the kitchen. That’s why we would like to present you one pretty new company, covering this topic – Soncone!

Soncone – specialities of nature

That’s the motto of Soncone company. And we couldn’t agree more. Soncone creates dietary products with the use of the highest quality ingredients, taking in care their biological and ecological value.

They mainly focus on creating pasta nuts of different flavours and additions (for example with the addition of honey, salt, coconut etc.). Recently they are also started to produce protein creams!

Soncone Protein spreads
Soncone Protein spreads

Why Soncone?

Because Soncone products are all clear! There is no unhealthy and unnecessary additions, no gluten, no added sugar, no salt (if you don’t want it!) – you just look at the front label and you know everything!

Also, Soncone is great in terms of quality-price effectiveness. You should surely dig up their products!