JNX Sports – Cobra Labs is changing its skin!

Somewhat more familiar with the topic, they associate supplements in black cans with a strongly emphasized addition of the skull. Yes – Cobra Labs supplements had a very distinctive design that is hard to confuse. But … they had? Exactly! Because Cobra Labs completely changes the name and branding and is renamed JNX Sports. However, the “skull” theme remains. This is demonstrated by their latest proposal – a shaker with a very unique look!

Viva la Muerte!

“Skull” is the first word that can be associated with JNX Sports / Cobra Labs (most probably something like Skull Lab has not been accepted, which is a pity!). As we can see, the company is going to stick to this branding all the time, so its shaker visible in the photo of the post is also supposed to resemble its shape. Its convex central part is the most characteristic part and will stand out nicely from the background of most shakers resembling ordinary tubes.

Mentioned shaker
Mentioned shaker

Where what and how?

As always – soon. According to reports, the manufacturer is in the process of sending shakers to their distributors, so this month we can expect them on the official websites of JNX Sports distributors, and on the manufacturer’s website in the Apparel part.

I must admit that I was always interested in this company – their products were always in the medium shelf of “power”. They were just right for an experienced training adept who doesn’t like inventions like geranium or DMHA. So if I only know more about their rebranding, I’ll let you know! It’s definitely worth observing the company’s upcoming moves.